Monday, September 10, 2007

Via the Sea

We finally got Ellie on the ocean this weekend. We took a break from our work in progress of a house and went to to Maine to see my family for a few days. Traveling is very easy for us now and we have worked out most of the kinks in the logistics which makes it a lot more fun for all of us.

We have been trying to get Ellie out for a boat ride since this spring but with naps and ostomy changes we never had things line up to get her on the water.

This weekend's major goal was to get floating and Saturday morning we cut ourselves loose for a short ride around the harbor where I spent my summers a kid. Fortunately my brother has lots of life jackets for his kids and had one that was small enough for Ellie.

Mom, what is this thing and why can't I clap my hands?

She took a little while to get used to the new surroundings:

You want me to get on that?

But after a few minutes and with the company of her best friend Gus she was ready to float:

Oh, this isn't so bad.

Our whole tour lasted 20 minutes but by the end she had been all over the boat and even stood with me to drive a bit:

A successful mission to circumnavigate Pound of Tea Island (over my left shoulder in the picture above) and we were back on the dock.

She insisted on walking us up the runway. She already walks up and down the docks better than her grandfather.

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mini and brother said...

Looks like so much fun. Ellie is so cute with all that curly hair. She is really amazing.