Friday, April 11, 2008

Flying (almost) solo

Abby recovered nicely since her purge on Tuesday night. Apparently it was something that she ate and it went by in 24 hours. Phew. Gastroenteritis isn't something we want going around here.

This was good for Abby since she was scheduled to fly to Colorado today to surprise her mother on her mom's 70th birthday. Both American airlines and her stomach tried to screw it up but in the end Abby left before dawn this morning and is the furthest that she has ever been from Ellie, 7 1/2 hours if the flights cooperate.

This is good thing for both of us, I guess. Abby gets to stretch her legs and be away for a little while and I get to fly solo for more than an overnight for the very first time. Okay in all honesty solo is a relative term since my sister came down from Maine today to help, but as far as the serious stuff I am on my own.

Nerve wracking and the string of what ifs going through my head is endless, but I know my stuff and know Ellie so we should be just fine.

Knowing that Children's is 17 miles east makes me feel much better.

Ellie woke up to her aunt Beth this afternoon and was burning with a white hot flame right up to the point that she passed out on my shoulder after I hooked her up to her TPN tonight. In the time between 3:30 and 8:15 I don't think that she stopped moving or giggling except to drink her Elecare and have an ostomy bag changed.
She simply adores Beth and Beth has the energy to keep up with Ellie which is great.

Part of me wanted to fly truly solo on this to prove I could but why do it if help is ready and willing to come and play?

The weather is supposed to be lousy tomorrow, unlike yesterday when Abby and Ellie planted sweet peas along our fence,
We may have to get creative to keep Ellie entertained but I'm sure Beth will think of something for the two of them. She is just fantastic with Ellie.

And she doesn't flinch at the sight of an ostomy which makes her a double rock star.

In the meantime I will try to sleep lightly to hear the pumps if they beep in the middle of the night. Abby is so good with the mom reflexes that I hardly ever wake up when they go off. this is good for me when we are together but scary when I am alone.

I usually wake up wondering why a truck is backing up in my dream instead of jumping up to answer the alarm.

Beep. Beep. Beep.......

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