Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nutrition for Short Gut

We have struggled with Ellie's nutrition for a while and found that there were very few resources out there to help. It is a balancing act of getting her to eat and gettine her off of TPN,...good diet=less TPN.

We have a good nutritionist at Boston Children's but we only see her once every 2 months or if something is wrong. We have a great nutritionist through ThriveRx but what I have always wanted was a book or guide that we could keep on hand. Something that we can also share with our family and Ellie's nurse to help them understand the intricacies of Ellie's diet.

Finally we got what we needed. ThriveRx has created an online short bowel diet guide called Maximize Health. Each month they release a new topic, so far they have covered Diet overview, hydration, Carbohydrates and the next module is going to be on protein. The educational modules are available on line and then they host a webinar on the second Tuesday of each month led by the author of the modules. She gives a better explanation of the content of the modules and then at the end she answers any questions that you might have.

For us the Carbohydrate module was very informative as this is 80% of Ellie's diet. It changed the way we looked at her food and made us be much more aware of what she is eating. I am very excited about the module on protein since we know this is very important for Ellie but we are always struggling to get enough in to her.

The best part about this education program is that it is free to everyone. If you are interested just visit You have to register for the program, this will give you access to all the past modules, and recordings of past webinars and get you an invitation to upcoming webinars.

If you have questions about this email me at

They are also hosting a webinar next week on TPN stability called. TPN Compatibility and Stability: What’s the big deal? it s on February 4th @ 12:00 noon EST.
Presenter: Sheila Pedapati, Pharm.D.
She will talk about:
  • Verification of IV compounds and supplies
  • Patient counseling regarding medications, supplies, and pump use
  • TPN compounding and different types of pumps
  • Working closely with nurse liaisons to optimally manage patient care
IF you are interested in this one email:

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