Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Not Heavy Enough

We had clinic today with Dr. Lo's TPN clinic. Ellie had only gained just a tiny bit and had grown an inch since last Nov. The problem is in December she got sick, got admitted, had really bad SBBO and lost a ton of weight. So the fact that she is up from November's weight is good news to us. But when they did the body mass evaluation her numbers were down. So she is growing but needs more calories. They want us to get those calories enterally not through more TPN. So we are going to push more elecare by mouth and turn up the overnight enteral pump. We are also going to try going up in calories per ounce of formula.

They also talked about prepping to get her off of TPN/hydration fluids. To do this we are decreasing the amount of every overnight hydration bag from 1200mls to 1000mls. We have clinic again in 2 weeks and if she is doing well we will decrease more, if not then we go back up. First they said they wanted to leave every night at 1200mls and then do one night at 600mls. The idea of that made me gulp. So we compromised with a decrease to 1000mls.

All in all, they were happy with how she was doing, just not as impressed as I was. So now we try new stuff and hope for a big weight gain over the next few weeks. We're in for big fun now!!!

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PsychMamma said...

Fingers crossed for weight gain!! Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.