Saturday, May 12, 2007

But Ellie, the doll is supposed to.....

My mother and father gave Ellie a fancy baby stroller for her birthday when we went to Maine last month. She does very well pushing it across the room and even plays with the doll every once in a while.

Yesterday she discovered that the fancy stoller would hold her as well:A good thing that it is strudy and wooden to hold the girl and her doll:
Yesterday was our first consultation with the occupational therapist to talk about Ellie's development and her skills to eat and explore food. The therapist gave us some advice about trying new foods for texture and how to expand Ellie's diet beyond elecare and cheerios. She even gave Ellie some chunks of avocado to play with. Mmmmm oily and green.

Since that meeting we have added some chunkier food to her diet and made eating a more formal activity in the high chair instead of the on-the-go grazing that she knows. So far it has worked and I even got a round of applause for the chunky orchard fruit medley tonight, even though she was still on the floor:

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Anonymous said...

Did Katie tell you about the feeding specialist who had her wipe bananas all over her own face to entice Scotty to eat them? She's received some way better advice since then, but just thought you might want to try that out with the avocados for Ellie ;)