Thursday, August 30, 2007

All present and accounted for again

Gus made his less than triumphant return this evening complete with a shaved belly, a shaved arm(for the IV) and one really big goofy cone over his head to protect him from himself. HE has a line of stitches in his belly but after a few minutes of sniffing around he was back to his old self and firmly in Abby's lap getting some quality time.

Ellie has had some very big days in the past week and has been all over the new neighborhood with her nurse Karlene each day. The park, the beach, the playground, tou name it and they go. It is great to be able to have the confidence that we have in Karlene to take care of Ellie's medical issues while also having a lot of fun with her every day- the Children's mantra of them being kids that are sick has found a home in Wayland.

The downside of this is that Ellie is ready for bed every day around 5:30. No kidding, down for the night tonight before I could get her saline hooked up at 5:45. And she will likely sleep on the IV until 6 AM. For some reason the fluids take it out of her and she sleeps like a rock when the pump is going.

The bright part of my evening was when Ellie woke up when she heard Gus's tag jingling as he came through the door. She woke up, looked at me and said as clearly as she ever has: God dog Gus. Then she rolled over and was out again.

She missed her boy. We all missed him and it is nice to have him back.


Vanda said...

Greetings from across the pond.

Ahhh, how lovely it is when every one is present and accounted for.

Hope Gus recovers quickly.

k8land said...

Hooray! Welcome home gutpuppy. No ecollar photos? :^)