Friday, September 14, 2007


Gus is back in the (semi) capable hands of the vets at Tufts animal hospital today. As he left earlier this week they told us to watch him and watch his lopsided head to make sure that the round side didn't get any bigger or the hollow side any thinner.

By last night our beautiful dog looked like a lab from the right and a mastiff from the left and off he went this morning to be seen by the same doctors who were sure that they had caught his problem earlier this week.

It turns out that while focusing on the positive test for myositis and ignoring the information that Abby gave them about antibiotics helping in the past, the vets had missed the infection that we were concerned about on Monday.

To add insult to injury, the heavy doses of meds that we put him on (prednisone and an immuno-suppression drug) may have opened the door to help the infection along.

So he in back in Grafton today with a swollen head and we are not very happy with his vets.

He will have some tests and probably have surgery to get at the source of the problem. We hope that they will treat the source of the problem and not the symptoms.

I think that having such great rational and logical doctors at Children's for all these months has spoiled us but we have really been baffled by some of the treatment that he has gotten this week. Abby is very good on this stuff but the number of times that she has told the vets how to treat Gus really amazes me.

All I want is my dog back, fetching a ball and letting Ellie climb all over him.


Anonymous said...

Gus looks so uncomfortable, no wonder you're concerned. Hope the vets get it figured out soon!
brenda p. (nora's great-aunt)

Vanda said...

Ohhhh and ouch! Poor Gus, I so hope your beloved pet is on the mend soon.

Gentle hugs from across the pond for Gus from another dog lover.