Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Ellie!!

Ellie is 3 years old today!!!!

Her first birthday we stayed at home and didn't really talk to anyone about the event. Just us and a cake, that Ellie hated. We were told so many times that she might not make it to her first birthday, so when it happened I think we were afraid to make too big of a deal of it. Also, we were convinced that if we threw a party then she would be admitted and we would have to cancel.

Second birthday was a very small event just us and a cake, that she again hated. We went to my sisters for dinner the next night for a small celebration with family.

So this year rolls around and we decided to bite the bullet and throw her a party this Saturday. She is very excited and keeps talking about who will be there and that she wants cupcakes. I think she has talked more her cousin and family that are coming down, than she has about her actual birthday. Hopefully the weather will be nice, if not our house will be ready. Well... parts will be ready and other parts will be up for tours. We will see if she likes the cake we give her tomorrow or the cupcakes on Saturday.

Here are some fun Ellie tidbits for you:
  • When asked what she wanted for her birthday she said, "A baby sister."
  • She can sing along with The Wiggles and do all the same dance moves the wiggles do, while jumping on her trampoline. (She did not get this talent from her parents.)
  • She has been hiding anything roundish in size everywhere around our house and my sister's house saying that she is the Easter Bunny. Then she says she is Ellie and goes around and finds all the "eggs." Think she is excited for the hunt?
  • "Cool" is one of her new favorite words.
  • Lastly, she is getting a bike for her birthday, so stay tuned for pictures of Ellie on her new bike!
Happy Birthday Ellie!!!!


Astraea said...

Happy Birthday, Ellie! I can't wait to see you on your bike.

K8 from CT said...

Hooray! Happy happy three! I'm bummed we can't make the party but it sounds like a fantastic celebration. Happy party!!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!!!!

Miranda said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!!!

We're so proud of you!

The uren's Miranda Abby and Chris

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ellie, you deserve the best party ever!!!
Katrina and Ryan

Sarah Thomas said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!!
Wishing you a super duper birthday party on Saturday! We'll be celebrating with you from afar. :)
Sarah, Montana and Nora

Stephany said...

WOW 3 years old! hmmm "a little sister" are you telling us something?!?!
I hope she has the most wonderful
3rd birthday ever!!

Karen Owens said...

Happy Birthday Miss Ellie!

mini and brother said...

Happy 3rd! She's amazing.

Yuko, Randy, Max, and Kai said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!! Our trampoline is ready for your dance moves any time you can come visit! Have a great party.