Thursday, May 10, 2007


Mark your calendars! June 10th at 11am TEAM ELLIE is walking in a 2 mile fundraising walk to benefit Children's Hospital.
Gib, Ellie and I will be there to thank Children's hospital for everything it has done and continues to do for Ellie. We truly will never be able to thank all those involved enough, but this is a good step. Our family benefited not only from their excellent medical care but also from their many financial programs that they have in place to help parents. So, please help us in our fundraising efforts for Children's, so that they can do the same for other families.

You can support us in two ways:
  1. Give money in the name of TEAM ELLIE. It is easy! Just click on the small Children's Hospital logo at the top right of the blog. This will take you to the teams website. Any amount small or large will help us get to our goal of 5,000.00 dollars.
  2. Join TEAM ELLIE!! If you want to spend some quality time with the rock star herself and enjoy some nice summer weather, please join us as we stroll along the Charles. It is easy to do. Just click on the small Children's hospital logo in the top right corner of the blog. This will take you to the TEAM ELLIE web page. And then click on "Join the Team." Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us, Ellie would love the company.
The walk starts and finishes at the famous Hatch Shell with the main section of the walk along the along the scenic Charles river. There is also a 7 mile walk for those of you that are feeling ambitious.
So please help support us as we try to give back to Children's hospital.


Greg said...

I am shocked that this blog has been up for almost 90 minutes and you’re only at 1% of your goal! Come on people, lets brush off those pretty pink wristbands and help some people!

kate said...

Oh, I am so in. I just looked at pictures from last year's walk (I remember visiting Ellie at the hospital that day) and it's clear that we need some styling TEAM ELLIE t-shirts!

I'm already thinking of all those girl scout cookies and pointsettias and wrapping paper that I've bought from people's kids - now's the time for some payback. Let the fundraising begin!

Anonymous said...

I get to push the stroller.

Gib and Abby Brogan said...

Easy there, Veruca. There is no I in team, remember.

kate said...

Great, now I'm going to be singing the Veruca song all day...