Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Basic Training

We have just over 3 weeks to go until we walk for Children's on the 10th of June.We have gotten a lot of support for our from all over the country including people that we have never met outside of blog land. One friend even sent a note to her co-workers asking for donations. It is really neat to see.We have also gotten one volunteer to join TEAM ELLIE on the 10th but would love to see more friends and family out with us.
We are realizing that our goal is ambitious but we need more help. We would love to see lots of folks join us in our tiny effort to give back to Children's to help the next round of kids who need the next great thing, like Omegaven, that is in the works somewhere near the 300 Longwood Bed and Breakfast. Something really cool that will keep babies alive or allow them to walk, talk, see or hear.

We have been getting her out for walks a lot these days in her tutu and in the stroller to enjoy the sunny weather we are finally having.
Ellie isn't a big fan of riding and watching the scenery go by and prefers to get out and walk.

We are also going on these walks to get her walking but also to get used to riding in the stroller, which will be a key for our day-long adventure. Enjoy the video below, this is how Ellie prefers to go on walks.

To donate to TEAM ELLIE just click on the Children's hospital Icon in the top right corner of this blog. Thanks for your help!


mbrogan said...

Ellie's 8 month stay at Children's was our 1st experience with a children's hospital and I still tell anyone who will listen what an amazing place it is! At every turn we experienced the expertise, kindness, generosity and caring from every employee, doctor, nurse, cleaning lady, even the supply man who always managed to keep our girl supplied with the especially good "bum" wipes. We can never repay Children's. Just look at that picture of Ellie in her tutu and send 5 dollars. her whole family thanks you!

Anonymous said...

I live far away and have never met the Brogans...but I've been impacted by their story! If you read this blog and you have been touched by their lives, please donate. It just seems like the right thing to do.

Eve said...

I found your blog via a link from my friend Stephanie’s (www.marshallbaby.com). When I realized that Ellie was born on the same day as my little Lu I was hooked! Heck, our stays at Yale-New Haven Hospital may have even overlapped. I’m always amazed at Ellie’s progress. She’s walking with a backpack on! I can barely get my son to wear a hat. But, I especially admire the humor and wit that you’ve used to get through this past year.
Go Team Ellie!

Eve S.
New Haven, CT

Anonymous said...

Hi Aby how are you I'am sandra the alina's mother, iam very happy that see Ellie very well, Alina is better, we change her doctor and she is better now.
Kiss an write me please