Monday, August 20, 2007

Crunch time

We have just under a week until we move and things are respectably hectic around here as we do everything to get work done and the new house in shape to move in on Saturday morning.
I feel like one of those silly shows on cable TV that adds dramatic music to emphasize the impending end of the work.

We have a string on work scheduled for this week to piece together the mess that we have made of the center of our house. The floor guys are there today and tomorrow, the electrician will be there Wednesday and then it is just a matter of rebuilding and painting a new wall, hanging some cabinets and giving the whole place a nice spit and polish.

Hopefully we will be able to spend Friday night just cleaning up. Yeah, right.

Oh yeah did I mention that Ellie's nurse is away on vacation with her kids this week?

That makes me a Mr. Mom worker again after a month of blissful nursing help.

Abby is the drywall mud covered laborer.

Ah it's good to be the desk guy sometimes....

Then on Saturday at 8 we get a U-Haul and move down the road. My father, brother and two sisters are coming for the day and will be a big help and Karlene, Ellie's great nurse, has volunteered to work on Saturday so we can do work and not worry about her medical stuff.

It will be a push to make it happen but we will find a way. The finished parts of the house look really good. It is just a matter of bringing the other parts along to match.

If you aren't doing anything on Saturday morning......

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she,s a cutey i love your doter from your friend alexis