Monday, August 27, 2007

Officially In

My sister pointed out on Saturday as I loaded a bag of TPN into the refrigerator in our new house that if the TPN is here, then we are truly moved.

Yes, the PN is here, Ellie is here and so are we all.

Saturday's move was smooth even if it was significantly bumpier and hotter than last fall's move from CT. We had lots of help but didn't have the time or organization to pack very well. Because of this, we ended up with a ton of loose odds and ends to move which made everyone's life a lot harder but we finally got it done. By 2 on Saturday (at 96 degrees and sunny) we were done with the U-Haul and have begun our unpacking process.

It is great to be here and start settling into to our not-quite finished project. The kitchen is a mess and there are parts and tools and pieces of projects around every corner but we have lots of clean and finished space for Ellie to run around in.

Settling in will take a while after we finish up our big projects but for now we are functional and happy as can be. Ellie thinks that the sink is great fun and can sit in it while watching someone on the other side.

This makes washing up after her eventful meals much easier, if a little wet:

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