Thursday, November 08, 2007

Dark, dark humor

And I thought that I was dark calling Ellie 'Gut Girl'.

Check out the great onesies that these folks have put together for kids with tubes, equipment and other issues:


My favorite is: I can eat and sleep at the same time. Can you?

But I still think that the onesie that came from Abby's friends at the aquarium is best:


Awesome Mom said...

Those are great!!! I think I will have to get Evan one of those Chicks dig scars shirts. He certainly has quite a few to show off.

Anonymous said...

Luke needs one that says "I have more chromosomes than you" or "Down Right Handsome." Love this link!

meekie3331 said...

My name is Tamika Smith and my baby had most of his bowel removed, In short I thought I would die. Jahsir Smith was born 11-17-06 and stayed in the Nicu for 7-months I really love my baby and spent countless hours trying to find out what I could do to make his life easier if you have any tips please let me know my baby will be 2 November 17th and has never eaten food he is 20 cal progestimil and has a Central line (Broviac) I'm not a stalker I was searching the internet and your babys story made me cry she is totally beautiful God bless her

jessica said...

The link is no good as its obviously been a while :-) do you know of anyone doing this now that you really like to support?