Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Who's the better gambler?

I won the bet. My bet was that we would be home tonight, and we are. We went in at 9am this morning. Our day consisted of blood work, blood cultures, stool cultures, stool samples, and a KUB. She was smiling and happy for most of the trip. She doesn't like the blood lab or anyone associated with it, go figure, but other wise she was good.

We got results back on her blood work after we got home this afternoon. Everything looked good. Which means that her kidneys are handling the fluid loss very well. This was surprising considering how much fluid she has lost in the past few days, but we aren't complaining. The results on her stool sample indicated that she was dumping fluid. This can be caused by a GI virus or by irritation due to overgrowth of bacteria or yeast.

There is a possibility that the stool culture will be able to tell us if there is overgrowth and which type. But overgrowth is very hard to diagnose. We will just have to see.

We are going to see how she does tomorrow and if her ostomy output is still high then we will try an oral anti-yeast drug. We are not expecting quick results, Dr. Jennings said that it can take 4-6 weeks for the bowels to recover. So for now we watch her numbers and keep things simple.

We will go back to the weight gainer diet, introducing new foods and start pugging her ostomy again when her output gets back to normal. Right now Ellie is in bed reading while Gib and I try to stay awake. It was a long day but we are all home and doing well.

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Stephany said...

so glad things went well, I was thinking about you guys! Keep us posted!