Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No answers, yet.

Ellie's stomagram was uneventful today. She handled the procedure much better than others and we even had her laughing at one point while on the table. We thought it was great, I'm not sure the radiologist agreed. But the end result was that it was next to impossible to see if the contrast went up or down. So, no answer.

Now, we wait until Friday's scoping. We have been warned that Friday procedures can take awhile to happen even though you have an appointment. Great. We will just come ready to stay for a while and bring the PN to hook up if we need to. This is an outfit of Ellie's own creation. Fairy wings + baby legs worn on the arms.


Anonymous said...

That look says, "Stomagram? What stomagram? Bring it on!" What a tough cookie. With those wings, by next week she'll be ready to fly to Maine (where, incidentally, her Gramma has one or two little things wrapped and waiting for her...). See you soon. Ho ho ho.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and hoping you get some GI answers soon. She can dance and has style, too :)