Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A year on our own turf

Today marks one year since we moon walked out of children's with Ellie for the first time. Yes we were back for two short stays since but as far as long visits go, we packed up our show a year ago today.

It seems like years ago that we were there every day and virtually living on the eighth floor of the hospital. It also seems like years ago since Ellie was the tiny baby that we brought home with us.

Seeing today's dancing running and jumping Ellie and knowing how comfortable we would be with taking care of her would have made leaving not nearly as scary. Hopefully someone else will see what fun she is right now and realize that life at home with tubes isn't all that hard and that a baby with tubes can be, as they say, 'typical' even with all of the medical obstacles.

Christmas last year was great with a house full of family on hand to spend Christmas with us and Ellie with her new pumps. This year since Ellie knows a little bit more about what is going on (she says Ho Ho Ho when she sees Santa) we will have some time at home with Ellie and her favorite tree and then get adventurous and take our show on the road to visit family.

Todays video is of Ellie opening the new animated snowman that her great grandmother sent to her this week. This is her first time seeing the snowman:

Ellie is definitely a better dancer than either of her parents.


Stephany said...

oh my god i watched that so much, it makes me so happy to see her up and dancing around and so happy!

Anonymous said...

Ellie continues to be a sweet inspiration :) Thanks for spreading the joy that she brings. Happy, happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

Ellie is so cute. She is also so amazingly happy all the time! It was great to see her a few weeks ago.

Warren said...

Ho Ho Ho guys... from the Veep and Waz. Ellie looks great in the video, hope mom and dad are as happy and energetic! We think of you guys often this time of year, hope 2008 is a great one.

Unknown said...

Ellie is a DOLL! Wow, I have so many questions for you. I googled "short gut" and found you. My daughter has the same issue, and I was curious if your daughter has a colostomy or has had a successful pull-through? We sure are debating the options!

Unknown said...

My name is Rachel and my email is pipsersmom@Gmail.com. I'd love to talk with you!