Tuesday, March 04, 2008

All clear from Children's

I finally got through to Abby this morning before my meeting started and she told me that Ellie's triglycerides spiked for a bit to 700 last night but returned to normal less than 200 around 3 this morning. She never stopped smiling throughout the whole thing except for blood draws.

They got home soon after that and I imagine that the two of them are piecing the day together looking towards bedtime.

I am off to get a phone card to make up for the crappy cell phone reception.

A nice view of the Chesapeake but not very functional.


Anonymous said...

Never a dull moment! :) Oh well, its too bad that you had to be back at CHB right *after* Eithene and I had already left- but I'm glad Ellie is well and all are home again! Abby thank you so much again for stopping by- not only is it very nice to see a friendly face, but I am hearing more and more about your company, and its been nothing but rave reviews so far :) Anyway, glad everything is well- go Ellie go!!!! :)



Susi said...
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Susi said...

Boy, what can happen when you are busy with your own Short Gut Baby, company, getting a knee crunched from having scar tissue grow too fast, etc. . . Yup, Camden got a whole bottle of Omegavan in two hours, but it cleared just fine. On the latest infection, he just went home this afternoon. Jack and I will be flying up on March 19th for 2 weeks so hope to help with Madison. Again, I gather so much strength from reading of the "Trials of Ellie" and glad that Gib is able to throw in a little humor while being in VA. Love to you all, Camden's Nana in FL