Monday, March 17, 2008

Gratutitous Photos

Not a whole lot to report medically. Ellie keeps increasing her pump rate and is up to 25 ml/hour with a good number of small sippy cups and solid food on top of that. Avocados, noodles, meat/tofu are all favorites these day on top of a good bunch of traditional baby food.

We have been a bit lax on the photos lately and finally pulled out the camera this weekend for some fun with Ellie's new big girl clothes. Pants and shirts are now in play since her ostomy is much happier and sometimes lasts 3-4 days between changes.

This is Ellie's tiger impression:

And her pink feather boa:

And her best friend Gus. In the morning she alternates between calling for 'Ma', 'Da', or 'Ga' when she wakes up. The Best Dog Ever!

I reached the maximum number of vacation days that I can accumulate and had to take some days off to start earning new days off so this week I am technically 'on vacation' even though I fielded two work calls this morning. Shh. don't tell Abby.

To make it an official vacation we took Ellie to the Boston Children's Museum today. Our library has discount tickets which makes it even more fun.

Ellie and I took turns driving the Bobcat.

And then we watched the turtles from below. Red ear sliders for you geeks like me.

We are heading to the aquarium later this week. Our fish girl should be a in rare form for that and I will make sure to take pictures. In the meantime we have a long list of things that we need to do around here and will let Ellie and Karlene do their thing while we pick up the house to-do list that has been gathering dust since September. Hopefully things will look a lot more finished by the end of the week.


Kate said...

Hooray for gratuitous photos! Keep 'em coming! I especially like the turtle viewing shot.

MommyNay said...

great shots! She is too cute for words!

MommyNay said...
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Kate said...

By the way, I also like "Not a whole lot to report medically." Music to the ears of the Ellie Brogan Fan Club.