Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bowel R and R

I am in Starbucks catching up on other people's blogs and updating ours. Children's wireless net work has blocked all "social networking sites." That means all blogs. But, isn't social networking a great way to get support when you are sick or suffering from a chronic illness? Doesn't make much sense.

The update:
Results are trickling in and so far nothing concrete to report about Ellie's situation.

She was taken off off all feeds at 8 PM on Tuesday (NPO, as they call it) and was given a whopping dose of fluids and TPN overnight and into today to make up for the fluid and calories that she isn't getting through her g-tube. As we had all expected, her ostomy output has decreased significantly which is a good sign that this may simply be a intestinal bug and not something more complicated. I can't believe that I am saying that a stomach bug like c. diff or rotavirus is simple since both are known to cause serious issues but at least they would be a known enemy with a standard course of treatment.

Her bloodwork from last night showed that her electrolytes are all normal and her CBC (Complete Blood Count) showed most everything in normal ranges except her lymphocytes, a kind of white blood cells that are known to go up when a virus is causing problems, are high.

This morning's x-rays were normal as well.

So far the tests and cultures for bacteria and viruses are only partially back. So far we know that salmonella and two other bacteria aren't the guest of dishonor. we will get more results as the day goes along.

The plan for right now is to keep her on a moderate dose of IV dextrose solution all day today and keep her NPO until tomorrow. By then we will know more and can chart a course back toward feeding but for now her bowel is having what the attending surgeon called a 'rest day' before we put it back to work.

It is discouraging to roll backwards toward more TPN but it is necessary right now and we have been given lots of reassurance that this will likely be a temporary thing and that she will peel those days off as soon as this bug goes by.

Looks like Gib's over bet on 3 nights might be a good one. If we are home by the weekend, I think that we will all be very happy.

Ellie is very happy and we are learning to run after her with a giant IV pole and learning how to explain how she can need the pole and be able to run at the same time...

Just on a side note, when Ellie woke up this morning she asked for daddy. Then when Gib called and said he was in the lobby, I told Ellie that he was here and we should go surprise him at the elevator bank. when we left the room we ran into Anna, the woman who cleans Ellie's room, and Ellie said, "My dad come now!"

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Anonymous said...

Chatty Cathy strikes again. It sounds like she's back to herself, just in time to keep you running. Hang in there. Give her a big kiss for me.