Friday, March 20, 2009

Normal Kid Fever

No line infection just normal kid chest cold with fever. Wednesday afternoon I got a call from Dr. Jennings that her C-Reactive protein was normal. So that with a low white cell count pretty much completely ruled out a line infection. So, I took a deep breath and then realized that a line infection I know how to deal with, a kid with a cold with fever... I have no clue what to do. So I called Ellie's Pediatrician and got her last appointment that night.

Lungs sounded good, and O2 levels were good. So, it is a virus with fever that we treat with Tylenol. She and I created a care plan for that night and for the next few days.

She is doing well. Yesterday her temp as down to 99.0 but then today it is back up to 102.6 at the highest. So she is hanging out on the couch, snuggling with Gus and watching a lot of TV. Her new obsession is Mrs. Spiders Sunny Patch, a video that I think she got from her Great Aunt.

The good news is that bowel wise she is handling this well. We are giving her supplemental hydration everyday just to stay on top of her hydration. All in all she is doing well. She is still her normal silly self.

On the short gut front. I have added a bunch of new names to the list of short gut blogs, caringbridge sites, and carepages. New additions are Austin, Blaise, Caed, Chase, Danny and Zak. I know there are more and I will add them later.

Feeding Super Star

Danny is one of the new blogs, his blog tracks his progress at an intensive feeding clinic in Richmond, VA. He arrived at the clinic just over a month ago eating nothing by mouth and 100% tube feed. Now he is eating 50% of what he needs by mouth and getting the other 50% by tube. The goal is to have him go home feeding 100% by mouth. He has made some great progress and is a great example that it is never too late to start eating by mouth. GO DANNY GO!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Ellie is sick but very happy to hear Ellie just has a normal kid fever! I can relate to feeling like you're in uncharted territory with typical kid stuff. :)
And Ellie's videos to her daddy were too sweet, thanks for sharing.
Hope she feels better soon.

Sharron said...

In some respects the common cold is harder to deal with as a parent. There isn't anything to do but let it run it's course and Tylenol. Get well soon Ellie!