Monday, June 28, 2010

HE DID IT, 13.1 miles with Short Gut!!!

Dave Vermette ran a half marathon yesterday. Remember this is the man that is missing most of his small bowel due to Crohn's Disease and he is on TPN.
Check out his blog for pictures:

One picture you will not see is this one of his jersey. Check out the third name down. I have been saying that Dave is an inspiration to me and will be an inspiration to Ellie when she is older. But it seems that Ellie has been an inspiration to Dave the whole time.

It is so good to see someone defying the odds and refusing to settle for a life that the doctors told him he would have to live. The training was not easy, and not always fun. But the smile on his face yesterday was amazing.

I also think some of the other runners were a bit jealous of the IV bag he hooked up to after the race.

GO DAVE, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The MVPs said...

Brogans--you never fail to make me cry!! How amazing. I am only gonna ask once, please may we have a picture of mama and belly?? I love those pictures. Kisses to everyone!