Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A different kind of Happy Birthday

Today marks the one year birthday of Ellie's central line:


It is a big day for us and a personal accomplishment for both of us who have fought hard and remained very ansty about her line. Given all of the liabilities and unclean things around her line (including but not limited to lots of runny baby poop) it is a bit of a miracle that we have made it last so long without any significant infections and only one repair. We are very lucky that we had great training and a healthy dose of serious talks about the line before we left the hospital so we treat it very specially.

Now that I have said this, please knock on wood for us and think clean thoughts about her little life line.

It looks like we will need it for another while until her eating catches up with the rest of her.


k8land said...

Y'all have the most interesting anniversaries and stats of any baby I know. Congrats on another milestone. Your amazing work, amazing doctors, and amazing love all are inspiring. And that's one darn adorable baby girl (love those curls!!!) K8 from CT

Vanda said...

Congrats on the milestone. Umm, I just wanted you to know that when you check your stats that I'm not a stalker.

I've been lurking on here for quite a while and decided to read your archives. I forgot to X out last night and have logged onto your blog for about 24 hours. Opps sorry about that.

You have one georgous little girl.

Knocking on wood, crossing fingers, legs and toes for her.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on the line!!! You guys don't know me but I am a NEW 22 year old Mommy!! My Son just had his 5month birthday yesterday! He was born with Gastroschisis and because of that he lost most of his small intest. He goes into surg Wed for a step. We are scared but have high hopes! If you want to look at his blog its babycollin.blogspot.com His story from the day he was born is on there. Collin's line had been working great until about a week ago. It still flushes but will not let us get blood from it anymore. They've even put TPA in it and nothing. We're in Omaha and our Drs say that just happens sometimes. Do your Drs think different? Please let me know. Thank you and Congrats

Collin's Mommy,