Monday, October 01, 2007


The feeding experts and the nutritionists have been telling us that with a few exceptions for peanuts and milk we should be offering Ellie what we eat to get her to move on from jars of baby food as the staple of her oral diet to 'real' food. We are a bit hesitant to put this to the test but have been getting more adventurous in the last few weeks.

I think that our bravery and success comes from the fact that since we moved into the new house we have followed the feeding experts advice and gotten into a very normal pattern of eating as family every night. Now we can offer her food from our plates to play with, touch, feel, fling on the floor, feed to Gus and finally eat.

Most of the time the food ends up everywhere but in her mouth. They tell us that this is all good and part of the overall eating experience.

Then there are foods that she absolutely loves from the git go. Avocados were a big hit and yesterday we learned that Ellie loves asparagus (with a bit of salt, of course). She picks up the spear, sticks it in her mouth and chews until it gets to the stringy part:

Double Fisted Asparagus

Avocados and asparagus. Two foods that I didn't like until I was in college and she eats them as fast as we can get them to her. go figure.

Oh and to answer your burning question about her new vegetable choice: Yes kids with Short Gut get asparagus pee just like everyone else...

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