Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone! Ellie was a fairy for Halloween this year. Her favorite book is a counting book about fairies from Christian so we got her a fairy costume. She has worn some part of the costume everyday since we bought it.
The pictures are a mix of the Halloween parade at the town hall on Monday and tonight.

This was her first Halloween outside of the hospital and I have to say this one was much more fun. But that is mainly because she is older. She really got the whole trick or treating thing. She was running from house to house right up to people's doors and ringing their doorbells.
She said "Hi" to all the kids and took way more than her share of candy. We let her suck the sour stuff off of a sour patch kid and that is all she got.

She had a great time, we(her uncle Fred and I) made it to about 8 houses and then she came back home to help answer the door. We took off her dress so she could eat dinner and this is what she wanted to wear for the rest of the night.There were a ton of trick or treaters out tonight and when we were out there were no cars. The police were all on bikes and would stop by and say hi to the kids. All in all it was a very good Halloween the only thing that would have made it better was Gib. Ellie went to bed around 9pm so hopefully she will sleep late tomorrow.


k8land said...

Oh my gosh, overwhelmed by the cuteness. What a lovely Halloween. (K8 in CT)

Astraea said...

That's one beautiful little fairy!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Its amazing how she has change in a year... Ellie has gone from a crustacean to being a magical entity of beauty, grace and puddle splashing!