Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A lot can happen between Boston and Virginia

This week I have to be in Virginia for the week. The ocean conservation organization that I work for, Oceana, has an annual meeting of all of its staff from all over the world and I have missed the last two because of Ellie (the first was with a very pregnant Abby).

Since everything was relatively stable with Ellie, I made plans to come to this year's meeting and flew last night from Boston to Richmond, VA where I would drive on to the meeting site on Chespeake Bay.

The flight took One hour and 18 minutes. As I got off the plane, I saw that I had a voicemail from Abby.

No big deal, I'll call her back.

No answer. No answer. No answer on the third call.

Try the cell phone.

'Hi Gib!. Yeah, we're at the Children's ER. Ellie's Omegaven pumped too fast and she got all of her 82 ml in an hour and a half.'

Giglle giggle squeal in the background.

'She's fine and Dr. Puder called me at home to tell me it is okay but they want to check her blood triglyceride level.'

I was in the air for 1:18 minutes and all of this happened.

'I'll be on the 7:05 flight back tomorrow, okay?'

'No, she's fine, I'm fine. Stay there.'

"are you sure?"

"yeah, really."

"OH yeah, Colleen says hi. I couldn't get in touch with anyone else while I freaked out so I called her."

It is 8:15 right now and I haven't heard from Abby so I assume that things are good. Apparently dr. Puder has seen this a bunch so far with both Omegaven and the older lipid, Intralipid. He told us that she should be fine and that Omegaven should clear from her system well. If she had been on intralipid, things would be much different and this kind of thing is known to ruin livers...

Gotta love fish oil.

Oh yeah, my meeting is in rural Virginia and I have no cell service. Coincidentally I am not five minutes from the fish processing plant where the oily little fish are processed into the oil that becomes Omegaven.

Things are okay but may change. I am not on the road home right now but may be soon if abby says the word.

Have I mentioned what a rock start my wife is?

She's on my team.


Stephany said...

you two are the most incredible people I know. You are so strong together. You are both Rock Stars in my Book!

Kate said...

OK, so this is the third weird thing in a week - yucky upper GI, popped central line, and omegaven flood. Bad things happen in threes, so now you're done.

Abby, give Ellie a raspberry kiss for me. And have her give you one - you deserve it