Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mom, can you pick the gravel out of my face for me?

Ellie had a minor run-in with a baseball diamond this afternoon and has a case of road rash:

Wike my fat wip?

Apparently running with your hands in your coat pocket looks like fun but is lousy for the balance.

She was most unhappy that they had to leave the field and go home.

How she lands on her belly so often without the g-tube button hurting is a mystery that I just can't quite figure out. It must be like sitting on you car keys but with your belly....

A little tylenol for the lip and she is good as new.

She is way tougher than I am. I'm glad Abby's genes are showing through in the toughness department because if she were a pansy like her dad we'd all be a lot worse off.

All of these bruises just in time for a clinic visit on Thursday.

Really Dr. it was the baseball field.....


Greg said...

Welcome to the rock and tumble club kiddo! Just keep on smilin’ and invest in Neosporin!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the smiles you create, Ellie. I totally agree with the word on your shirt!