Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Travel, eating and poop

Hey there stranger.
Sorry for the delay. We have been very busy the past few weeks and Ellie is doing great. She is starting to gain weight again, and she has even pooped a few times on her own.
Ellie is definitely keeping us on our toes as she runs everywhere. This has been challenging at home but now we are traveling again, so that just adds an extra twist. Over the past few weeks we have had a graduation, visit from Grandma, spent a weekend in Maine and then another in New Hampshire, and we leave for an extended trip to Maine next week.
Ellie has been eating up a storm and seems to be tolerating solid food better. We are crediting most of her positive changes to the removal of baby food with fruit in it. We ran out one day and didn't get new until two days later, and those two days she had the best numbers she has had in a long time. We have tried this before and saw no change, but it is working now, so we will just roll with it. She still eats limited amounts of fresh fruit.
Ellie is doing great at tolerating her formula too, her milk pump is set at the highest rate we have ever seen. She is still only on 20 cal formula, but we think if we keep pushing the solid food we can make up the difference. Now we are going to start plugging the ostomy again to see if we can force more into her colon, and make her hydrate herself more.
Yeah, so you might have guessed, we will also be trying to transition from a crib to real bed over the next few weeks also. I also am gearing up to fly to San Diego for the Oley Annual conference this week. I am freaking out a bit at the idea that I will be a 5 + hour plane flight away from Ellie. But, I hope to get some good info at the conference and make some new contacts and I will probably be talking about Ellie the whole time, so maybe that will help. We'll see...


Anonymous said...

Great photos! Worth the wait. And also a good wait as y'all do great things. What are the plans for the new bed? A friend just got a great Ikea bed for her daughter--so cute. One request--please limit the "eating and poop" references. A little more separation would be fantastic. (Eating, travel and poop maybe?)

Ben April said...

That last pix looks familiar. It's also when we decided Rachel needed a big girl bed. Love the hair.

Anonymous said...

LOve the pic of Ellie jumping out of her crib... Have you decided what you will do to keep Ellie from pulling G-tube and broviac while she's hooked up at night if she decides to get in and out on her own? Tube nightmares are my big hang-up with taking Eithene out of the crib. I'm actually thinking of buying a crib tent to try and keep her from being able to climb out...

Anyway, Ellie looks GREAT and I'm glad to hear you moved another step forward in the eating puzzle! Have fun at the Oley Conference!