Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hello Cipro, my old friend

After a few days of still feeling lousy and Ellie's fever still cranking along at 101, we finally made a call to Children's yesterday to see if they wanted to see her, change plans or let things roll. After a long talk with Dr. Jennings we agreed that since all of her blood work and cultures looked good, that it might be a GI bug again that needs antibiotics to treat Short Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth, SBBO, or a carpet of bugs that are growing on the insides of her small bowel, a relatvely common thing for short gut kids especially for those without their ileo-cecal valve to keep the bugs in their respective places.

We know that Cipro worked in the past and thanks to our friendly compounding pharmacy we were able to start it in the very special EB (Ellie Brogan) formulation last night.

The results so far have been amazing. No more fever, decreased ostomy output and a much happier kid after one night and a seeminly normal kid by this afternnon. Amazing.

We are going to tiptoe back into feeding her but all signs so far are that she is very hungry and ready to pick up where she left off a few days ago. We'll weigh in tomorrow morning to see if she slid back on weight and by how much.

Hopefully we caught it without much loss this time.

Today's fun was decorate your own donut day at Dunkin' Donuts. Ellie decorated well but had no interest in the donuts themselves.For her it was all about the sprinkles which she tried to drink out of the little dish before we caught her and scaled things back.

Mmmm sprinkles.


Anonymous said...

Interesting... the CAIR team now thinks that the "illness" (fever Gi symptoms, blood in stool etc) that Eithene just spent 8 days inpt for was the result of SBBO (and pseudo obstruction) too. She's back on 21 days of Vanco, then I think we are going to Alinia. Crazy how those bugs can get out of control!

Glad Ellie is feeling better!


Stephany said...

AHH Sprinkle donut, a girl after my own heart!
Glad she's feeling better!