Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Update

The view from our room 

Ellie continues to improve in her post op recovery.  She is more awake and alert today than yesterday which is good.  She lost one peripheral IV late last night so she has a free hand which is both good and bad.  Good that she can use the hand but bad that she can use it to pull on her NG tube.  Abby told me that she and Ellie have an undertanding about the tube.  So far she isn't pulling on it or complaining about it so we will see.

Her surgical dressing got changed this morning and the NP took out the drain tube which was remarkably similar to a red coffee stirrer.  Ellie has her old North-South suture line and a new one where the ostomy used to be. 

Things are good and the 12 tubes and lines are starting to be pared down.  we are down to 8.  We will not lose too many more until we get off the epidural. (Abby takes over writing now)

Ellie got to experience something new last night, bladder spasms.  A mom who had the room next to ours for a long time on 8west, came to visit last night.  She has a great blog and a very strong and tuff little girl. Their blog is called, From the Banks of Jordan.   She had to leave last night when Ellie's first bladder spasm hit.  It happened because Ellie's bladder was not able to empty enough because the Foley catheter wasn't draining correctly.    It was not pretty and not fun.  

We moved some stuff around and  got a better set up for her Foley but it happened again in the middle of the night and again as soon as Gib got here this morning.  But I think we have things under control now.  She was also very itchy and restless last night, which didn't meant we didn't get much sleep.  We had long talks about what all the numbers on the vitals monitor mean and which line coming off of her does what, what shapes you can find in the celing and long renditions of all the princess stories that I could remember.  

Finally, this morning I think we got the true perfect mix of meds and the itch is gone.  I know this becasue she looked at me at 9am and said, "mommy my face not itch any more!"  She watched a few movies, played with a new flashlight from her grandma in Maine and now is taking a good nap.  
It was good to see smiling Ellie today.  Also Dr. Jennings stopped by during rounds and she still in managed to give him an IV handed high 5 and flirt.  Go Ellie Go.  

Thanks for all your support and words of encouragement, you don't know how much they help.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever think on Thursday night or at any time during the long day that was Friday that you'd be this far along on Sunday? I never did. She is a tough cookie. Good work team! Let us know when you're ready for visitors and we'll start popping in. Bob said you're amazing. We love you!

K8 from CT said...

That is fantastic. Keep up the great work, Team Ellie.

Jessica said...

Uggh, I wondered if those were bladder spasms! They are VERY painful and difficult to control with meds. I'm glad Ellie is more comfortable now- hopefully things will keep trucking along this week :) We'll stop by before we leave tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Is Ellie's room the one next to the playroom. The view looks familiar. We hope Ellie's stay goes by the book with no problems. Please tell her Caleb says "Hi".

The Fischers

Krista said...

Abby and Gib,

Jeff and I have been thinking about your family all weekend. Although Luke never had an ostomy, we can certainly appreciate the progress that it means to have it removed. Hoping that Ellie's hospitalization is as short as possible. Go Ellie!

Anonymous said...

Ellie, I miss you sooo much! I'm happy you did so well and your ostomy is gone!!! Thinking about you every day in Haiti. Love you so much and so proud of you!!! Will take the 'purple' train in to visit you as soon as I return! HANG IN THERE YOU LITTLE TIGER!!!