Saturday, May 16, 2009

'Very Happy'

Those were the words from Dr. Jennings this week as he gave Abby the report from Ellie's upper GI.  No major changes from the last study and her 'transit time'- the time for the dye to move through her gut- looked good

Ah, those were the words I wanted to here.  

No reports of gross dilation, a second stomach (that's what it looked like in some of her early UGI studies), or a huge pocket of doom.  

Phew.  All systems go for surgery on the 29th.

Now we just have to deal with the fact that it is going to take a significant step backward to make progress with Ellie.  Thinking of our bubbly little girl all laid up in the hospital is terrifying but we understand that this is what it takes to move her forward so off we go.

So we are spending the next two weeks getting Ellie and ourselves prepared for what we figure will be a week or 10 days in the Inn.  We are lining up new things to entertain her and talking a lot about the hospital. 

Ellie told us in vivid detail about 'the nice nurses who like me' and the 'nice woman in the hallway who cleans her room'- two things that are in her head that we didn't tell her about.

Memory like an elephant.  Damned Omega-3's.  Thank you to Max, Kai and their folks for the great book, it will be nice to have new things to read when she is in.  Thank you.

The line repair is holding up nicely and we are past the 72 hour mark, phew!

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Kate said...

Great news. How did Arnold's films look?