Friday, November 08, 2013

Dry Day

Waterproofing Ellie has been very successful for us over the years:  Some Press n' Seal on the CVL cap and two sheets of Tegaderm over the whole site and she is good to go.  but one of the downsides of this is that more than one day of this makes  her skin raw and sore.  So we generally try to have a dry day after every wet day to let her skin recover.

For our first Hawaiian dry day we took off for the center of the island to the Dole Pineapple plantation, a spectacular tourist trap complete with a narrow gauge train, the World's largest maze (like a hedge/corn maze but with hibiscus)  and more pineapple desserts and concoctions than you could imagine.  The kids loved it and we had a blast and we were home early enough to have a rest before Ellie got to do one of the other things on her Wish:  A luau.

The Brogans, via the sea!

And yes, Ellie was on stage more than once.

But this was all a warmup for the coming wet day when Ellie finally got the chance to swim on a coral reef.

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Anonymous said...

So very, very happy for Ellie and family! Is Ellie still on TPN or is she growing and glowing without it? She is beautiful and looks absolutely wonderful. Good job mom, dad and Boston Children's! Hugs, Nora's Nene