Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Charismatic- (karizˈmatik/)
Adjective. exercising a compelling charm that inspires devotion in others.

 Megafauna- (ˈmegəˌfônə/)
noun .  the large mammals of a particular region, habitat, or geological period.

Monday was a good day.   Especially for a girl with her heart set on seeing big ocean critters.
A spectacular dolphin experience in the morning:

Followed by a Do-It-Yourself turtle safari with Abby in the afternoon:

Yes, Monday was a good day.  

For Will as well: 


gramma said...

How far you've come..Ellie swimming with the dolphins!this is an ad for CHB.

Keep said...

So cool Ellie! I think turtles look like they are flying when they swim.

Aloha Au Ia ʻOe

Some great Hawaiian music for you by Jesse Tinsley: