Sunday, June 10, 2007

Good Mileage

We did it! TEAM ELLIE walked 2 miles to support Children's Hospital Boston this morning and raised grand total of $3,151.72. We made it over half way to our Goal.
The team of all stars were Gib and I , Kate, Beth ,Kelly, Alex, Sophie and the Rock Star herself, Ellie.
Yes, and Sophie did make it off the couch and joined the team for the walk. Love ya Soph!
It was a good time with music, free food, and good festivities. There were many groups there walking for staff and for patients, the last number I heard was that they were expecting around 5,000 people and it looked like they were all there.
As we crossed the finish line they asked Kelly who she was and who she was walking for, TEAM ELLIE was her reply. It was odd to have the announcer call us out as we finished but also great to hear Ellie's name. Here she is with her medal she got for finishing.
Today made us excited for next year. We hope to have a bigger team, with team shirts and to raise money once again for a great cause. Thank you to all that supported the team on the walk. We raised a great amount of money and got donations from all over the country, including Canada! The donations that were really great to see were those from other short gut families around the country. Thank you.
Thank you also to the great group of walkers that showed up to walk with Ellie and who did good work to raise money. We all had a blast and hope to see you all again next year. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!
Ellie had a great time, she loved all the people and all the other kids. She even found a dog to befriend before the walk. But she didn't even make it back to the car before she decided she needed a nap.

Thanks again to everyone for you love and support.

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Stephany said...

Congratulations Team Ellie! You guys are incredible. I know Children's appreciates your hard work and that you appreciate them!