Friday, June 01, 2007

Have kid will travel

This weekend is Abby's tenth college reunion. Abby considered coming with just her girl friends from college for a field trip but considering the number of people that know about Ellie, we decided that it might be weird for her to come alone. If someone saw Abby without Ellie they might think that ellie was really sick. Instead we are here with a smiling if a bit snotty girl who is charming everyone in the place.

Since we came for two nights we brought the full set-up for TPN and omegaven as well- IV pole, scary pumps, etc, etc etc. All of these things that are very common for us.

I take it by the look on the guy's face in the hall this evening that they are not common for everyone. I think that if I had dropped my pants on the spot he would have been less shocked than he was to see Ellie's pole. Too bad for him. The smooth linoleum floors made for great walking with Ellie and I'll be damned if I will pass that one up to hide her hardware.

This is my kid, these are her pumps. deal with it.

Abby had a funny experience in the NY State Thruway bathroom today that is similar to this: As Abby changed a diaper she heard a woman saying to her friend that Ellie was way to young to be wearing a backpack. I am really glad that I wasn't in there because I would have let the silly hen know that 1) it is not just a backpack but a medical device, 2) her physical therapist and developmental special have approved of it.

Abby chose to avoid the drama.

The scariest part of this trip is that we are out of the Children's safety radius for the first time. If something happens (knock on wood) we would have to go to another hospital instead of making a beeline for Boston like we would do in Maine or CT.

Abby told a college friend tonight about Ellie and her condition. The woman told us how impressed she was that we made it. We told her that we had lost a whole lost summer in the hospital and had a lot of field trips to make up for.

This adventure will expand our comfort zone and open up more possibilities for places and people to visit. We have friends outside of Baltimore that have two young kids.

Having our babies play together would be a personal victory for Abby and I and something that we have thought about for a long time.

One of these days...


mbrogan said...

Have a wonderful week-end!

Unknown said...

Hope you had a great weekend! We're jealous :)
Chuck and Alicia