Sunday, July 01, 2007

Ba, Ba, Beth

Ellie is recovering from an acute case of aunt withdrawal today.

My sister Beth, volunteered to come along to Cape Cod with us this weekend to watch Ellie and let Abby and I fully attend the Oley conference without having to swap out sessions for childcare.

This was a big step for us since we haven't left her for more than an hour or two at time since we came home from Children's and those times it was with a room full of people who could tag team her care while we were out.

This weekend Beth opened up a new world for us. Beth is exceptionally good with little kids and Ellie absolutely loved every minute of her time with Beth. She loved it so much, in fact, that most nights Ellie wanted to stay up and play instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour, choosing instead to sing songs in her pack n' play and dance while we tried to put her down. It was as if Beth had been around forever and Ellie never saw her as anything different or strange.

Even though ostomies and short gut poops are a bit on the unsavory side of things, Beth picked up the skills and took off with Ellie each day that we were on the Cape. Believe it or not, Abby and I checked out each morning to go to the conference around 9 and didn't check back in until noon. We would meet at lunch to parade Gut Girl around and then pass Ellie over for the afternoon shift which went through dinner on Thursday.

When we got back, Ellie was laughing and playing, her ostomy was in good shape and all of her records were in order.

Beth never flinched and was amazing throughout the trip, doing everything that we needed her to do. She even braved the world of TPN and watched Ellie on Friday night so Abby and I could go out for our 5th anniversary dinner. Watching a baby with a G-tube is easy compared to the pumps of TPN.

I don't think that Beth understands how nice it was to have someone that Ellie loves so much and that we trust to take care of Ellie on board for this trip. I hope that she understands that this was the test run for the future and that we are thinking about the next time that we can hit her up for some expert nannying.


mbrogan said...

Beth had Ellie withdrawal in Maine after her wonderful trip to the Cape. We all hope that the knowledge that Ellie has an experienced nanny in Maine will result in a visit soon. The fish are biting and the lobsters are great.

Barbara Krause said...

I have not posted for a long time now, and for that I apologize. I have followed along with the Ellie updates - you are all freakin' fantastic.

I cried when I read this one about Beth, though. When I used to babysit the Brogan kids, Gib would always cry when Martha and Jack left. I had occassional success at getting Gib back to a happier state, but most of the time it was Beth. What a special bond, and now it is passing to the next generation.

I love you guys.