Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Putting Down Roots

Yesterday we finally signed the papers to buy a nice little house in Wayland, MA.

Yes, a whole house that is about ten minutes from our rental, two minutes from Abby’s sister and even closer to the Massachusetts Turnpike which will get us to Children’s even faster than our current route. It is very cute and has a nice flat yard for Ellie to run around in with a fence to keep the wonder dog contained without using the zapper that he wears around these days.

We are very excited and very grateful for the help from friends and family that have allowed us to be in a place that we can call ours. All of a sudden episodes of This Old House aren’t quite as depressing as they were a few weeks ago.

Ellie thinks that it is just great to be on one floor and spent a hour running from room to room yesterday afternoon

We closed yesterday and will spend the next 5 weeks doing some work on it. Some minor things and some that are a bit more complicated.

We know that we went to the well twice last year to get out of Connecticut but we could use some help again if everyone’s backs are healthy. We are planning on working each of the weekends before moving on Saturday, the 25th of August.

If you are free an added bonus this year is that Ellie will be on site supervising and when you have had enough of working you can play with her and chase her around the yard.

Now I just need to convince Abby to stay away from the L.A. Laker purple walls that she surprised me with in CT. I guess that what you get when I go fishing instead of closing on a house.


Anonymous said...
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k8land said...

That's awesome! Congrats to you both. Thanks for including pictures! (K8 from CT) Welcome Home, Brogan Family, Welcome Home.

Stephany said...

Oh my gosh Congratulations! What an exciting time. I'll check my work schedule to see if there is a weekend I can come to to help paint and such!

So happy for all of you, what a great place to raise your fantastic little girl!

Kate said...

Admit it. You kind of miss the Laker purple just a little, don't ya?
-(the other) Kate

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Your house looks wonderful. The cupola needs a cod fish weather vane....
Ellie is such a cute little girl. she has grown so much. Her curly hair is cute too. Charlie and Olivia reacted with distaste to the sand the first time they stepped on it. Hope your move to your new house goes well.


Mom, Charlie & Olivia

Jeff & Jan said...

the house is adorable!!! ;)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new home! It was great to see the pictures of Ellie getting some sand between her toes :)
Brenda P. (Nor's greataunt)

Adam Hurtubise said...

Congrats on the new house. Great news.