Sunday, July 15, 2007

She Drinks!

When Ellie first came home from the hospital we were giving her most of her formula by bottle and just putting her on the milk pump at night. But, then as her bowels started to shrink back to normal diameter they started to work much better. The bottles started going through her very quickly. We soon realized that if we gave her an ounce we would see that ounce again very quickly out of her ostomy.
The solution to this problem was to slow the delivery time down, and that meant more time on the milk pump. She is now on the pump 24 hours a day. When we started her on the pump we stopped giving her bottles and then sadly, she lost her taste for her formula. (I don't blame her it tastes horrible) Try as we might we have never been able to get her to take a bottle of formula since. Then we tried unflavored Pedialyte. We still can't get her to take a bottle, but after trying 4 different types of sippy cups over 4 months and using numerous techniques , we had success! I think this victory was due to a combination of a very hot day and very cold Pedialyte. It may not seem like much, but now everyday she drinks around an ounce of Pedialyte, on top of the formula that she gets by pump.

I know only an ounce, but for us that is a big deal. Think about it... She eats two meals a day by mouth, but she never drank. Now we are taking baby steps to get her drinking more and more. Drinking will be an essential skill that will be needed to get her off of TPN and eventually remove her G-tube. But that is all very far ahead in the future, for now we will be happy with our girl that is very happy with her sippy cup.


Jen Rath said...

Congratulations! Austin likes that same sippy cup, although he won't accept it 100% of the time - seems like it's more fun to shake it and try to get pedialyte everywhere. We have a cupboard full of various styles of sippy cups that he rejected.

Anonymous said...

Wow- she is ridiulously adorable- really! We are trying to get Eithene to take this same sippy cup- with only mild success so far. Our girl unfortunately doesn't drink much. Great job to you Ellie!

k8land said...

Cheers! Raising a sippy cup to this. Awesome. (K8 from CT)