Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Open house at the Firehouse

This past weekend there was an open house at the Wayland Firehouse. So we loaded the little girl up and took her to see some really big red trucks. She had a great time driving the biggest fire engine and rode shotgun while another little boy drove the ladder truck. Ok so the trucks didn't really go anywhere, but Ellie sure was driving somewhere.We also got the opportunity to put Ellie in the back of an ambulance and let her explore and have some fun. For a while now we have wanted Ellie to have the chance to familiarize herself with the back of an ambulance and see it during a fun time. The goal being that if she ever saw it again, it wouldn't be as scary, hopefully.

When we moved we had to call the town Emergency Services to get Ellie on the emergency priority list for Wayland. Both Gib and I had some long talks with the emergency personnel to explain her status and medical history. The call would be made to the EMS if something happened and we needed help immediately, if there was too much traffic for us to drive her in to CHB ourselves (too much traffic in Boston?? Never!) or if Karlene needed to take her in to CHB and we were not home. Sadly Karlene is not permitted by her nursing company to drive Ellie anywhere, so she would have to call the EMS.
Ellie had a great time, and of course her slacker parents forgot to bring the camera, oops. But she did get this great hat that she then wore for most of the day. Both Gib and I struggled with the with the fact that all the other parents were there just to give their kids a chance to play with the big trucks and pretend they were Firefighters, we were there to prep our child for a possible future very scary day. We still get a bit choked up when we see an AMR ambulance with it's lights on, it still reminds us way to much of the long trip up from Yale.

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Anonymous said...

She needs her cousins to send her a firefighter costume so she can wear it EVERY SINGLE DAY like they did. Wicked, wicked cute. See you soon.