Saturday, July 12, 2008

Great White.

So we made it out to Martha's Vineyard and we are staying near south beach. Ellie has only been splashing in the one of the ponds, because we discovered that she is not a fan of big crashing waves. She says " no, no, no" and then points to the car and says " go car home, now." So tomorrow we will try a much calmer beach and see what she thinks.

We have been in the surf a few times and the beach we are staying at is the beach that they sited the Great White at two days ago. Yeah, a 20 foot great white and yes we have been in the water. As our friend Dan likes to say, "if you get eaten by a shark, then it was just your time to go."

This is the link to the story if you are interested.

I promise there will be pictures of Ellie in the water soon.

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