Friday, July 25, 2008

RAIN and friends

For those of you in New England this is old news, but we have had a bit a rain this past week. Three days of never ending rain and thunder storms. We had to introduce Ellie to THUNDER and explain that we could not make it stop just because she asked. We explained that thunder was good because thunder meant that we would have puddles to jump in, one of Ellie's favorite past times. Below is a frame by frame of what we did for about a hour each of the three days.
We all had a very good time. Ellie and her best friend Ka (Karlene) got to even play in the mud. Ellie is still doing well. The new big girl bed is great, and a challenge. She is sleeping well, but I still am having nightmares of her getting out of bed, walking into our room and leaving her pumps and her CVL back in her room. Right now we have her pumps in backpacks at the foot of her bed, but we think we will either lower her IV pole and teacher her how to roll it or put her pumps in her shopping cart. For now we are hoping that we can convince her not to get out of bed without us. (I know, I know, Fat chance!)

Today we finally had some good weather and got a chance to see some friends from out of town. The Solomons flew in for clinic and stayed for a extended visit. We spent the afternoon at the aquarium and then had lunch in the Quincy Market area. It was a blast and really fun to get the kids together. I'm hoping that Ellie will have a strong base of short gut friends when she grows up. I hope that these kids will be her support system throughout her life. She and Zack got along great. They many long conversations, that only they understood.
Zack and Ellie at the aquarium
This is a picture of two very tired kids after lunch. We had a great time, and hope to do it again next time they are in town.

I leave you all with a picture. To those of you that know what she is touching... scary picture hu? You should have been there when she tried to kiss it.

Yeah it's fake, but it still gives me the willies.


Anonymous said...

My heart jumped a little when I saw the last picture but then I read the last line and felt a little better. Love the puddle jumping pictures


Anonymous said...

Wow, Ellie looks so BIG! lol! ANd her hair is really getting long- she MUST be getting some great nutrition! I love the puddle pics- cute rain boots too :)

Its great that you get to meet so many other SG families- what a wonderful resource for the kids to get to know each other!