Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Ellie was very clear this year abut what she wanted to be for Halloween- 'Stellaluna, the fruit bat!' from the great kids book. Incidently this book was a gift from our friend Kelly that used to take care of the bats at Mystic Aquarium. Ellie made her choice of costume when we first discussed Halloween in September and never changed. Abby got to work making a costume and this week we had her debut at the firehouse party, followed by a second act at the town hall with every other 2,3,4,and 5-year old in town:
and the the a final go 'round as a fruit bat last night.

What can I say, our town really likes Halloween and fortunately Ellie's costume was very easy to put on and wear without lots of trouble.

Ellie still doesn't like sweet things except for lollipops so trick or treating was easy for us and we didn't have much of a fight about not eating the candy. She liked ringing doorbells more than the candy. We are pretty sure that this was our last year of distracting her from the mountains of candy that are out there so we will have to work on some strategy for next year to keep her pumpkin empty or filled with things that are good for her and her bowel:A slug of candy could throw her bowel for a loop for a good long while, something that isn't quite worth the trouble. sounds easy but try convincing a 3-year old about this......

Taking her out to walk at night was a new thing for us as well and she did remarkably well with all of the things that were going on around her.

The closest thing we had to a meltdown came after we got home and tried to piece our evening routine together a few hours late.


Anonymous said...

Cutest little bat EVER.

Anonymous said...

I second that(k8 from ct)!
It's nice to get out and do "normal" things, you almost forget....until you walk in the door and meds/tpn is waiting. How proud you must have been to watch her walk so far and ring those doorbells, what a TREAT!!!

Stephany said...

What a great costume - great work Abby! What a friendly little bat!

Anonymous said...

yeah Ellieluna! how cute! i'm glad that she likes the book i gave her :) miss you guys....i hope to see you when next i'm in the boston area!