Sunday, November 30, 2008

Last dance with Omegaven...

Abby drew the short straw last night and got the honors to put together the last go round of full-fledged TPN tonight. I serandaded her with my version of Donna Summer's 'Last Dance'.

Yup. No more splitters, no more caps each night....

we have gone from this with every other night's set up:

To this:Instead of an ingredient list that reads like a twinkie wrapper (I still don't know what all of the components are) we now get a very simple list of things that are going into her central line: water, salt, sugar. And we are down to just two backpacks instead of the Omegaven set-up that required special handling to keep the glass bottle upright.

Bye bye Omegaven. Thanks for all of the good that you do. Maybe we'll see you again sometime. Hopefully not. Go on and save some other kid's life.

Day one of the no TPN experiment starts tonight. Results to follow.


Kate said...

Two things happened today as I was driving from Augusta to Portland:
1. I saw a Fresenius truck driving North past Augusta. Never saw one before in my life. Just keep on driving, Mr. Fresenius.

2. This song came on my iPod. Appropriate for the day, I think:

Cut and paste the link and play it for your dancing girl. It's her theme song for the day.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! What a cool day.

Anonymous said...

This is an wonderful day!
Two and a half years- you 3 are amazing!
Love, Gramma

Anonymous said...

Dear Brogans,
You are my heroes. I still love Omegaven, but from afar. If I wasn't so happy today, I'd complain about a blog post with two - count 'em, two - photos, neither of which includes the star of the show, but I'm just too happy.
Of course, you could throw an aunt a bone any time now.

Astraea said...

We're praying no TPN is needed EVER AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

Oh happy day! Ellie looks wonderful in all her pictures - a regular big girl now. So glad she's making such strong progress. All three of you continue to be an inspiration :)
Brenda (Nora's great-aunt)