Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

The Official 2008 Ellie Brogan Christmas Card Photo

My goodness what a week we have had. It started with a Sunday trip to Children's for cultures and bloodwork (all negative so far), moved quickly into pre Christmas fun at home with a surpisingly chipper little girl.

The holiday adventure moved into phase II yesterdaywhen we headed up the road to Maine for the week to let Ellie and here four cousins in Freeport play for a while. This was the same plan that we had last year that was changed on the road when we heard of a mysterious stomach bug that was making the rounds so we are preparing to go with an understanding that we could be amending our itinerary at any time. Such is life with Gut Girl.

Not a whole lot of time to post much but here are some photos from the week leading up to Christmas. Things are good for now and we are eagerly anticipating the results from the manometry study.

Santa on a Firetruck. a tradition in our town since 1946. At least according to the sign on his sleigh.

Christmas Cookies.

A trampoline for a 2 year old? What could possibly go wrong?

Trampolines make good present opening platforms, too.

Let's play a game!

Mmmm. Ice cream. just a few licks.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Brogans! I was so happy to see this post. I've been thinking about you guys and hoping that Ellie didn't spend her Christmas at Children's. Love the pictures, especially the trampoline picture, Ellie sure can jump!
Best wishes for a very happy New Year,
Sarah, Montana & Nora

Susi said...

So delighted to see all the pictures this morning. Sorry, but we "short gut Nanas" have to stick together. Just had to call her because you are such dependable bloggers and I became worried. Am holding positive thoughts for the "big test" results. Camden and Madison's Nana sends love.

Stephany said...

Oh it looks like you guys had some fun leadidng up to the holiday despite the stay at Children's. Have a Happy New Year!