Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So much for the smooth sailing

Well it isn't like we weren't warned about the down sides of a manometry study. And just to keep the reputation up, Ellie's gut has decided that it doesn't like having extra tubes in it and has started to vomit for us. IT started last night with some small spit ups and has progressed overnight to a full-on Exorcist/Stand By Me barf-o-rama by 9 this morning.

Abby is on her third set of borrowed scrubs. If we could only get Ellie to stop watching TV while she barfs we would be a lot better but I guess those Brogan genes are overpowering. Oooh, magic picture box......

This is very curious to us and to the GI/motility doctor but he las learned quickly that Ellie's gut is far from typical and had a few 'oh, really' moments this mrong when we told him new things about her history.

The thought right now is that the catheters that are in her bowels are blocking her bowels and things are backing up until she gets full and decides to unleash a wave of green bilious vomit on us. The color and barfing are eerily similar to the night she was born and all of those months where things were piling up in her dilated small bowel.

The doctor is concerned about this and may pull the plug on the test early if things don't get better soon. We hope that we can peel away tubes on by one to keep the colonic test, which is the real goal of this study for us.

More to come. This fancy wing of Children's has a laptop in each room so we can post from here. The hospital even updated their internet security to allow blogger to work. Finally.


Greg said...

Well thank you both so much for that... colorful depiction. And the embedded video... thanks so much for the added flair.

Clarence Price said...

Appreciate this blog ppost