Wednesday, April 22, 2009

102.0 F

Here we go again.

Ellie coughed a few times last night but other than that she has been fine. She got in bed with me this morning and I noticed that she felt like a small furnace. I checked her temp. and got 102.0. So Gib, Ellie and Karlene are on their way to Children's to see Dr. Jennings. They will get labs drawn and blood cultures started, then stick around for the white cell count and CRP.

We still have a ton of stuff going on at the house and about 7 workers here, so some one needed to stay. So here I am. We are hoping that is it just a cold and that she will be home by nap time today. But I did pack them an overnight bag just to be on the safe side.

So keep your fingers crossed for low CRP and normal white cell count. On the good side, Ellie is still her normal self. She danced her way to the car this morning and was very excited to go see Dr. Jennings.

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