Friday, April 24, 2009

Still churning away

Ellie continues to show signs of some mysterious illness. Her fever continues to ride around 101, and her output into her ostomy has been increasing over the last few days to what is called dumping, a nasty little situation where more comes out than goes in which makes her continually in a hydration debt that we are struggling to keep up with trough her evening D10 infusion and her naptime top-off of D5. The thing that is the most alarming to us is that for the first time she is acting and looking like she is sick. Pale, sunken eyes and low energy are all things that are new to us.

After 72 hours of this we have made a call to Children's and it won't surprise me to be heading in sometime today. So we are watching lots of Blues Clues, changing a lot of ostomy bags and quietly getting our things together for a trip to Boston if we need to go sometime today.

Oh well. At least it isn't Barney...

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