Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back to her old tricks

I finally went home last night and Gib stayed with Ellie. I was greeted when I got off the elevator by the old Ellie. The squealing, laughing, running, singing and giggling Ellie. It was great.

Ellie and her best funny faces

She does not have a line infection. Gib lost the bet. When we were admitted I thought it was a GI bug and Gib thought it was a line infection. So now Gib has to scoop the dog poop out of the back yard for a month. He he he he he
All the stool cultures have come back negative so far, but there are still a few tests that are pending. So we are still on contact precautions which means no playroom.

So, no scary line infection, no scary norovirus. Gib is not allowed to do diagnoses any more. He has such a flair for the dramatic that he tends to lean toward the scarier diagnoses. But in reallity it looks like a simple GI bug and some bacterial overgrowth.

She woke up this morning had some eggs, bacon and some Elecare. Then for lunch she ate some noodles, chicken and Elecare. We did take the oportunity of being here to try vanilla flavored Elecare. It was not a hit. Ellie still prefers her Elecare plain and unflavored.

So we are preping for going home tomorrow and keeping our fingers crossed that she keeps doing well.


Raeanne said...

Glad to hear she's back to herself and doesn't have anything scary! Sorry we missed you guys, but we'll look forward to seeing you in September :)

Kate said...

Damn glad to hear it. And see it. Give her another kiss for us.

Unknown said...

Hey guys! Understand keeping a bag in the closet. We've been there with Joel. Lol about the barf in the towel, I'm sure the guy who stole may never steal again... Never sure what you're gonna get.

Glad things are o.k. give Ellie a hug from us.

Joel Vickoren

Jessica said...

Hello Brogans, sorry we missed you (I'm sure you must have broke out of jail by now)- I didn't see that you were "in" until Saturday, and every time I hoped to get out of the room, someone or something beeped, cried, or needed a change :) :) :)

Life with 2 kids and lots of wires...

Anyway, I am VERY glad to hear that there is no nasty line infection. Tell Ellie that Eithene loves to see her pics :)