Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Gib in the News

As many of you know Gib works for a ocean conservation organization called Oceana. Today he spent the day with the new member of their Board of Directors, Sam Waterston. You might remember Sam from that little show, Law and Order. Sam has a strong interest in the waters and the fish that live off the coast of New England and that is Gib's specialty.

Tomorrow Sam is being interviewed by the CBS Morning show and Gib will be there as well. Now all you may see is the back of Gib's head but keep an eye out and you might get lucky. I think they will interview Gib as well, but Gib does not agree. He also doesn't know if it will be on tomorrow or the next day but hey if you are near a TV tomorrow morning or Thursday morning, take a peak and see if you can gave a Gib sighting.

Oh yeah, Ellie is fantastic as usual. :)

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