Sunday, December 20, 2009


Our town has a wonderful tradition before Christmas where Santa rides around town on a fire truck making stops in various neighborhoods over the course of three nights. They have been doing it for 45 years now and this is our second year maing the trip to se ehim as he makes his tour.

Christmas is a very bug deal in our house right now along with Chanukah and Kwanzaa since Ellie is an equal opportunity holiday celebrator. So we made sure to track his trip tonight and even went so far as writing a letter to the big man which she delivered when she was brave enough to sit on his knee.

Uh, Mom.... Are you sure this is okay?

Here's my letter.
A very serious conversation. Santa took lots of time to hear all of the details.

I'm still sure about this whole thing.

And away he goes.....


The Hopeful Elephant said...

She's adorable!

Santa rolled through our neighborhood (but this year he had an ambulance AND a fire truck!)last night! I love that tradition!

K8 from CT said...

That is just awesome. When G is big enough, we're totally crashing your place to check it out.