Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The third floor

Ellie and I had to go to Children's yesterday for a blood test and to get more Omegaven. On the way to the basement while we waited for the elevator, Ellie looked up at me and told me, "I don't like the third floor. That is where they put the tube in my nose."

The third floor, for those of you who haven't been to CHB, is the floor with the operating room, where yes, they do put NG (Naso-Gastric) tubes in her nose as part of surgery.

Ah, the joys of a very aware kid with medical issues. When we discussed that we also see Dr. Jennings on that floor, things got better very quickly.

Sometimes you have to wonder what she really remembers of all of her time in the hospital.

This goes along with her Thanksgiving discussion with her Grandmother about a picture that she drew in the hospital in September that is framed on the wall: "I drew that in the hospital when I was in the big fluffy bed with the table that goes across."

I'd like to know what that shrinks would say about her hospital stories.

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